Le Geotop - Committees

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Geotop is administered via an Executive Committee that reports to a Research Members Committee. 

Executive Committee:
The Executive Committee prepares the centre’s budget, approves funding allocations and provides advice for the daily management of the centre. It appoints professors to sit on the Student Scholarship Committee, the Laboratory Users Committee, and approves the nomination of new members. It receives recommendations from the Laboratory Users Committee and establishes guidelines regarding pricing policies. Members sitting on this committee are:

Board of Directors:
The Board of Directors is an external body of non-members who provide a critical evaluation of Geotop’s current and future activities. The board provides informed recommendations to help Geotop attain its research and training goals as a competitive research centre at an international level.

Student Scholarship Committee:
Geotop provides scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students. The Scholarship Committee establishes evaluation criteria and evaluates students' applications. It comprises 3 members:

Research Members Committee:
The Research Members Committee is responsible for the oversight of strategic planning for research and major development of Geotop. It proposes members for the Board of Directors, approves the composition of the Executive Committee and the budget, and pronounces on new members. All regular Geotop members sit on this committee.

Laboratory Users Committee:
Founded in 2009, this committee:
a) receives and analyzes annual reports of the major collective laboratories,
b) gathers opinions and complaints and suggests solutions to the Geotop director,
c) makes recommandations regarding laboratory orientation and developement,
c) assesses student needs (accessibility and training),
d) establishes priority access policies, if needed.

This committee consists of the head of Geotop laboratories, and Geotop and external members who use the facilities: